Stoovo Card

Get access to $100 credit when you join the Stoovo card program

Need help covering a bill? Stoovo Card has got you covered! Get the funds you need, when you need them.

Your finances on auto-pilot

  • Boosts your income

  • Provides Cash Advances

  • Manages your Taxes

No fees

No interest

No credit checks

So, how does it work?

How do I qualify?

Stoovo qualifies you based on your previous gig earning history. That’s right, no credit checks!

When and how will I receive my funds?

You receive your virtual Stoovo card immediately after qualification, and your physical card 3-5 days later.

What can I use my Stoovo Card for?

You can use your Stoovo card anywhere that VISA is accepted.

How much money is on the Stoovo Card?

Pending qualification, you will have access to $100.

When do I pay it back?

Users will have 30 days to repay.

Stoovo Card.
Fuel for your #giglife

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